What Can You Expect With Invisalign Clear Aligners?

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth they will not only make you look unsightly but also make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene appropriately. Your teeth that cannot be cleaned properly become prone to problems like periodontal disease. The disease causes bone damage in addition to tooth loss. You have an option to wear braces for properly aligning your teeth. Conventional braces are unattractive, uncomfortable and painful to wear. They are an unsuitable option for adults that are particularly embarrassed after the braces are placed in their mouth. Invisalign aligners are an effective alternative to conventional braces and most people can achieve the same results with these clear aligners as they would achieve with metal braces with wires and brackets in their mouth.

The dentist in Wheaton IL would suggest these aligners as a better option for straightening teeth providing information that Invisalign cost would be slightly higher than traditional braces. The benefits of Invisalign will also be discussed with the patient to give them an understanding of how these braces are better than the conventional variety. The decision about whether to use this option or conventional braces will be left to the discretion of the patient who will in every likelihood favor Invisalign over the other.

Patients will not ask for before and after Invisalign pictures because these clear aligners are being used by many that are facing a similar problem. They could be flashing their smiles with these braces confidently because they are virtually invisible. They do not make the wearer conscious of the aligners as they remain hidden in the mouth while working behind the scenes to straighten the teeth.

How Can You Benefit From Invisalign?

The dental family in Wheaton would have provided you with information that these aligners are helpful to straighten your teeth but cannot offer any protection. You would have been recommended to understand that they cannot work as a mouthguard especially if you are involved in contact sports. Removing your Invisalign aligners would be suggested before you begin playing to protect your teeth as well as the aligners. A mouthguard would have been suggested to you during your sporting activity because Invisalign aligners can be removed whenever needed to be replaced after you are through with the activity.

Invisalign Will Not Affect Your Speech

During your initial days with clear aligners, you will notice minor changes in your speech as your tongue needs a little time to become accustomed to this new device in your mouth. You are likely to have a slight lisp at the beginning which generally disappears. The Invisalign Wheaton dentist would have warned you about this subject making it clear you will be speaking normally within a short time.

Cleaning The Aligners

There are a couple of steps for keeping your Invisalign aligners clean. Firstly, you should keep your mouth clean by brushing and flossing after every snack and meal. Food, plaque, bacteria will get into the Invisalign tray if you do not brush. The aligners are situated close to your teeth and can trap these hazards right next to the tooth and the gumline to cause plenty of damages. Therefore keeping your teeth clean will help to prevent such an occurrence.

Secondly, you must also clean the aligner when it has been removed from your mouth. You can soak your aligners in clear mouthwash, a 50-50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, a blend of vinegar and water or seek advice from the dentist Invisalign IL Wheaton for the best advice on how to clean the aligners to prevent any dangers that your teeth are already facing. You can consider using the cleaning kit being offered by Invisalign which is the best option as the manufacturers have designed it considering the needs of patients as well as the aligners.

Invisalign is a suitable alternative to conventional braces as you will observe. It is easier to undergo treatment with Invisalign because the planning is fully computerized. Patients are provided information on what to expect and how long they need to wear the braces before they decide in favor of this option. These braces are more comfortable than the traditional variety, are safe for the teeth and gums and can provide patients with a beautiful smile faster. It is no wonder that more people today are preferring Invisalign compared to other types of braces despite the higher costs involved for rectifying the deficiencies in their mouths.

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