Oral Cancer Screenings in Wheaton, IL

When you visit a West Willow Family Dental dentist in Wheaton, IL, an oral cancer screening will be performed so that you can avoid any potential problems. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the more likely it is that treatment will be successful.

Visual Exams

Your dentist will check your face and teeth visually, looking out for any problems in your mouth. They will check inside the mouth, the nose, and on the lips, face, and neck. You’ll need to remove any appliances that may be in the mouth before the examination takes place so that all of these areas can be examined thoroughly. Your dentist will be looking for any asymmetry, color patches, swelling, ulcerations, bumps, and anything else that looks abnormal.

Physical Exams

Your dentist will perform a physical exam along with a physical examination of your mouth and teeth. To do so, your dentist will touch your cheeks, jaw, chin, neck, and the oral cavity to detect any unusual lumps or nodules. If there is any sign of problems, further testing may need to be done to prevent painful oral cancer symptoms. Your throat may also be examined, and your dentist may ask that you swallow to make sure everything is normal.

Screening Devices

Your dentist will use several different devices to look at your face, neck, and mouth for any signs of oral cancer. They may even use specialized tools and medical equipment to make sure that your screening is as efficient and precise as possible. There are devices that can identify oral health issues, remove cells so that they can be tested, and use acids to aid in visual examinations of the mouth.

Dental care can be used to maintain your overall health, as well. This is especially true when it comes to oral cancer, which can be treated more effectively if it is caught early on. Your West Willow Family Dental team of Wheaton dentists are dedicated to making sure that you and your teeth are as healthy as possible. If you’re concerned about your oral health, schedule an appointment at our office, and get an examination and cleaning from your local dentist.

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