Invisalign®️ Treatment in Wheaton, IL

If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, it can put a damper on your smile. You should be able to feel confident when smiling and laughing, so West Willow Family Dental in Wheaton, IL provides Invisalign® to patients. With these clear aligners, you can have a beautiful smile in no time.

Comfort & Convenience

Invisalign® is a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces, becoming more and more popular as patients take advantage of advanced technology. Invisalign® aligners move your teeth into position without using wires or brackets like conventional straightening methods. You also won’t have to worry about your smile being more noticeable – the material is almost entirely invisible, blending in seamlessly and allowing you to feel comfortable even on the first day of treatment.

Digital Technology

You can start seeing results faster than you imagined thanks to digital technology used in the design of your aligner. Invisalign® combines high-quality materials with 3D scanning to provide you with a more efficient plan for adjusting the alignment of your teeth and correcting orthodontic issues. Digital scanning is more comfortable than traditional impressions or x-rays, which can cause gagging or trigger claustrophobia.

Boost Your Confidence

There is plenty of evidence that suggests young people love Invisalign® due to the absence of wires and brackets that are noticeable to others. Since Invisalign® is made from high-quality clear material, you can smile and take pictures without worrying about your orthodontic appliances showing.

Invisalign® can change the way you feel about your smile, boosting your self-confidence, and leading to more smiles all around. If your child has permanent teeth that seem to be growing in crooked or out of alignment in any way, contact your local West Willow Family Dental dentist to get early treatment and prevent further dental issues.

Your smile can be transformed with Invisalign® technology in less time than you think. If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and dreading your smile, contact our West Willow Family Dental office in Wheaton to schedule an appointment and get a full exam of your teeth as well as to discuss options for dental and orthodontic treatment for any issues you may be experiencing.

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