Dental Fillings in Wheaton, IL

If your teeth have been discovered to have decay or any type of damage, you may be a candidate for a dental filling at your local West Willow Family Dental office in Wheaton, IL. Fillings are a way to protect teeth after they have been ravaged by decay, restoring the structure of teeth in the mouth and keeping them healthy after treatment. If you would like to learn more about dental fillings for your teeth, schedule an appointment with our dentist to get an exam and a professional cleaning.

Types of Fillings for Tooth Decay

Many different materials can be used to fill in the teeth after your dentist has removed all the decay. Some of these materials include:

  • Amalgam: Amalgam has been used for filling teeth since the beginning of modern dentistry. These fillings are very strong, so they are often recommended for teeth in the back of the mouth where more chewing takes place. They are, however, noticeable due to their dark color.
  • Composite resin: Compose fillings are made of a combination of materials. They’re durable and can be made to blend in with the color of your teeth. They’re less expensive but may need more repairs.
  • Metal: Metal has been commonly used in fillings, whether it is gold or silver. Gold costs more, but it is durable and can have a pleasing look in the mouth. These fillings can last as long as ten years with proper care.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic fillings, or porcelain fillings, are the color of your teeth and are much less likely to become stained when eating or drinking. However, these fillings tend to be more on the expensive side.
  • Glass ionomer: This is a blending of acrylic and glass that releases fluoride periodically. When fluoride is released, it reinforces the tooth and gives it more protection. However, these fillings last for a shorter time than most others and need to be replaced every five years or so.

A dental filling can protect your teeth for decades, providing you with the reinforcement needed to eat and drink normally. If your West Willow Family Dental dentist finds decay in any of your teeth, a filling will be applied after the decay has been removed and the tooth has been cleaned.

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