Choosing a Toothpaste for Your Child

When it comes to oral health, the toothpaste that you use has a significant impact on how clean the mouth is and how likely it is to develop tooth decay and other oral health issues. Pediatric dentistry focuses on the oral health of children, who may be more susceptible to tooth decay in Wheaton, IL. Our dental specialist has taken their years of experience and put it together to provide a short toothpaste guide for patients of our dental office. Visit a dentist near me or continue reading to learn more about how to choose a toothpaste for your child.

The ADA Seal

No matter what dental product you choose, you should look for the ADA seal on it. This seal ensures that you are using a safe product that has been tested to assure its quality and effectiveness. Without this seal, you could be using a product that doesn’t work or that does damage to the enamel.


The ADA has recommended fluoride for decades, so make sure your child’s toothpaste has this crucial ingredient. Fluoride cleans teeth and gets rid of plaque and bacteria that can accumulate on teeth and the gums. Be sure to monitor your child’s use of fluoridated toothpaste, as too much could lead to the development of a condition known as fluorosis.

Start Encouragement Early

Your child will be more diligent about their oral hygiene if they are taught about proper oral health care as early as possible. Begin brushing and flossing your teeth with your children, monitoring them and helping until they are about nine years old. You should also try to make dental visits fun so that your child does not develop a fear of the dentist or want to avoid dental appointments. Children learn a lot from their parents, including oral hygiene habits.

If you would like more information on how to keep your child’s teeth clean, visit West Willow Family Dental and schedule an appointment with a dental professional in your area. We can work with you to make sure that children’s teeth are preserved for as long as possible, keeping them healthy and strong.

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